What She Did



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I started trembling,
i didnt know what i was supposed to do,
but it was time,
it was my moment of truth.

I had the feeling that all my dreams would come true,
and when it happened it was all because of you.

I never thought that i'd end up with someone like you,
but when i saw you i thought it through and through.

But now as i think about how this shit ended up,
im so tired and pissed off,
because you played me,
and never gave me,
your heart to care for,
i thought you'd ignore,
the times we had of fun. But i took your imaginary heart,
and you took my real one,
and you teared it all apart.

I always held you,
i always called you,
it was good from the start
but as i think now,
we started apart,
we started unknown,
and only connected by phone.
and through your sweet voice,
your loving tone,
it sounded so easy,
but i was alone.

How could u pull this shit,
you told me and walked away,
i just through a fit,
i thought about it night and day.
and if you did it there was more to say.
so im tired of the shit because i tried you again,
i got rejected and now i lost a close friend
i couldnt throw you away,
i didnt loosen the knot,
i told u to stay. but now its over,
and all of its gone,
im finally leaving you alone,
im sayin im done.
and i aint gunna miss you.
ive already forgot about you.

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