Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge de My Chemical Romance

Bury me in black Letra

My Chemical Romance

'Bury me in black' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.


'Bury me in black'

I said, we´ll drown ourselves in misery tonight
I lied, you´ve worn out all your dancing shoes this time

Just give us war, worn lipstick by the door if I inflame

These eyes have had too much to drink again tonight
Black skies, we´ll douse ourselves in high explosive light

Just give us war, I´ve been calling you all week
for my shotgun

Pick up the phone
Pick up the phone fuc***

I wanna see what you´re insides look like
I bet you´re not fuc*** pretty on the inside
I wanna see what you´re insides look like
I wanna see em

Well you don´t say
And well I can explain what happened to my face
late last night
I´m sleepin next to pools in vacant alleyways
And what I´m going through, shot lipgloss through my veins
And when I can´t complain
With the falling rain

Come on!

I wanna save your heart
I wanna see what your insides may be

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