Chris Juris

Letra de la canción

The best for me now allows me guarded to sink
and the pleasure seems eternal – seems right
locking me up at the top is how up is another way down
And the free feeling of sinking
makes the pleasure rise
pleasure, take off!
and all the moral-abusers out in the streets
catching at pleasure...
let us be with the devil for a while!
let's come down, down, down
the shame, the blame...
And if it got too far?
...would you catch me?
...would you catch at me?
would you even watch...?
Cleaned the membrane, but you walk alone
guarded by the cold world
in which i freeze!
Gracious devil, retreat before ungracious god
retreat carnivore
the good, the bad and the god
for you to deny i've been mistaken
good gracious! they said you wanted me on knees
for someone or other
i doubt it could've been you

chris juris 1988


Chris Juris
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