Butthole Surfers

Who made trophies/chopsticks out of dogshit?
Women naked, children scream
Who got/took pictures of a head wound/Abraham?
We all beg/plaid for a magazine/American Dream

We all spring up from the other scene
But my mama hates her son on Sunday
The Wednesday is our favorite day now

Who died in a high school car wreck?
Who burnt crosses on your lawn?
The Easter bunny is made of chocolate/We eat bunnies made of chocolate
We do things that Popeye wants/done by one

We all spring up from the other scene
We eat Ding-Dongs, Fridays Cornflakes
We got a Repo for us kids now/LSD

We are victims of the city
We are children of the dark
We have surgeons dating Elvis/Who's searching James Dean and Elvis?
We had/have sex in a pick-up truck

We all spring up from the other/ultimate scene
My mama hates her son on Sunday
But Monday is a different thing

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Butthole Surfers

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