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When I'm President


La canción 'When I'm President' se estrenó en 1990. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Pornograffiti

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I remember it well
I was just about three
My dad said
"Son what do you want to be?"
It didn't ring no bells but I said
"Daddy I'm a bit too young what do you want from me?"

I'm much older now
I'm almost a man
I can do anything, you bet I can
Raise a family
Now wouldn't that be grand
So sorry but I got bigger plans

You can be anything in the world today
Something like a preacher, a teacher
A baseball player
Those kind of things I just don't care
I want to represent the USA

The American Dream
As far as the eye I say can you see
I want to be
I want to be the leader of the country

When I'm President
Things will be different
We'll start a new government
When I'm President
When I'm President
You can be in my cabinet
I'll be your heaven sent

First things first we're gonna change the rules
Better listen up all you boys and girls
Your president says there'll be no after school
So vote for me wouldn't that be cool

Yeah! Yeah!

Now I know there's trouble in the Middle East
I'll spend all the money when I stop the Arms Race
All my brothers in the desert
Gonna have themselves a feast
When that's done then we'll start on world peace

So go ask Alice
Cos you know what he said
What did he say?
Remember, "I wanna be elected"

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