Letra de la canción

Don't turn blue
In a good friend's bathroom
Don't try to reach the moon
Trough the things that go on
In the dark room
Don't let your heart not burst
Just because you must hide
We all know,we all know, we all know
That real life is inside
And there are you
With your black fur on
Just watching me, watching me you
Sing this song
Meet me halfway
It's not that long
And maybe we'll find
That we're not alone
Don't turn green with envy
Don't turn black with hate
I'm moving down the road
Walking, walking, walking
Walking, walking down the road
And I'm opening your gate
And the rain falls on the city
And the rain falls on the city
And the rain falls on the city
Baby,baby, don't turn blue
And the rain beats down
And the rain beats down

Letra añadida por: (#16)

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