Canción 'Thanx' del disco 'Now What' interpretada por Lisa Marie Presley

Thanx Letra y Canción

Lisa Marie Presley

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THANX es una canción de Lisa Marie Presley del año 2005, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Now What.



One day well on one tombstone
All our names should go
We shared a life
The beauty and the ugliness
Through all we´ve been and with
The birth of a child

Thanks for throwing me the line when I´ve lost sight of it
You´re the only reason I can exhale
And now, suddenly, oh, when I find that the outcome´s just not right
From what I just did
You´re the only thing I can breathe through

You´re heaven, my sweet friends, a few lines of poetry
It may be laughable, but thanks for laughing with me
Yes, and the next time I wrap myself around a tree
And I know that you´ll be there with bells on
Yeah, to pull me off


And you can tell me a story I´ve heard before
I was such a motherfuc*** then
And you didn´t tell me where to go