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[Left Eye](Mya)
Mya, oh Mya
Mya will you please come out the bathroom? (Oh)
Just put the brush down and walk away
Just say no! Will you come on?

[Mya](Left Eye)
It's going down
I can feel it
All around and I need it (yeah)
It's taking me where I love to be
(Uh-huh where I love to be)
So come on
Pack it in fill the room now (Uh)
Throw it up for the crew now
I close my eyes and touch the sky

[Mya](Left Eye)
See I don't mind
If people wanna look at me crazy (crazy)
It don't even phase me (phase me)
The feeling is making me high yeah

1 - Don't wanna stop
My body needs it
Knocking me right off of my feet
Making me so high
I can't deny
The feeling's taking me over
Over, over, over

[Mya](Left Eye)
Fellas where ya game at?
For the ladies that you aim at
Take a shot show her what you got
(Show her what'cha got)
So come on what'cha say
You better move it (uh-huh)
What'cha know?
You better use it (yeah)
Make a play before it slips away

I can't wait
The second that I finish my business
Can I get a witness? (Amen!)
There's no better feeling than this

Repeat 1

[Left Eye]
Now somebody has some explaining to do
Now why is it the club manager keeps sweatin' me?
Just cause I drove with a gang of about 23
Pack beyond capacity we all getting in free
It's straight to VIP nothing but hands grabbing on me
I'm a star so I start my tab at the bar
It's one of the benefits when everybody knows who you are
Like my car, valets salivate like it's a cookie jar
Just keep it up front fellas, don't take it too far
It's been since October, the last time I was sober
Music's like a drug when it starts taking me over
I see Mya ain't fighting it she's on the dance floor
But it's all good cause we splittin' the cash from the door
Well fourteen bottles of Don P later
It's just me, Mya, the DJ, and the waiter
I go outside for my ride and ended up now or later
I ain't gonna cry, swallow my pride
Hey you, valet, playa, wait up!

Repeat 1 (2x)

[Left Eye]
Okay people the party's over
Just return to your simple lives and forget
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