Spock's Beard

Letra de la canción

Can we talk about our last conversation?
It was heated I got burned
And please don't act like nothin' even happened
Just listen and learn

We've invested too much time
This is yours as much as mine

What if I told you that I never loved you?
What would you do?
Is that what you always wanted to hear?

Your words are so few
This is all that I am
All I want is to understand

The lights turn dim
The fog rolls in
And I lay still
Check my thoughts
One by one
I think of you still

How everything ends is all fine
But can we just get to the bottom line

Here goes nothin'
Put all fear aside
Run with the bulls

Am I missin somethin'
Kiss all I love tonight
Light myself on fire

If time is all it takes to heal these wounds
Then I've got nothin' but time
Nothin' but time
That's my bottom line
That's my bottom line
I found my bottom line
Or it found me

Letra añadida por: Ágætis Byrjun (#34.932)

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