Spock's Beard

Letra de la canción

There is no peace
Here in my mind
There's no way to see
We're all born blind
To some place some time
When we could feel like
We're joined inside
We can't always
See it with our eyes

But there is a world apart from what we know
There is a time/place the eyes will never show
We can be as one
And be farther than the distance to the sun

There is no use you'll never win
They'll only kick you back again
Back where you've been
And you're never satisfied
Your wants just change
You've been playing an unwinnable game


Half the time we're gone, we don't know why
Half of us are crying to the sky
Once we're there we'll wonder why it took so long
Once we're there we'll know what we became


Letra añadida por: Ágætis Byrjun (#34.932)

Spock's Beard
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