'Facinating rhythm' de Jamie Cullum (Catching Tales)

Facinating rhythm

Jamie Cullum


Got a little rhythm, a rhythm a rhythm
that pitter pats through my brain
so darn persistent, the day isn`t distant
When it`ll drive me insane

Comes in the morning
without any warning
and hangs around all day
I have to sneak up to it, some day I`ll speak up to it
And hope it listens when I say...


Fascinating rhythm
you got me on the go
Fascinating Rhythm, I`m all a quiver
what a mess you`re making,
the neighbours want to know
why I`m always shaking,
just like my grandmother.

Each morning I get up with the sun
to find at night no work has been done...
I know that once it didn`t matter,
but now you doing wrong
When you start to patter, I`m so unhappy.
Won`t you take a day off,
decide to run along
Somewhere far away off
and make it snappy.

Oh how I long to be
the man I used to be,
Fascinating Rhythm
Why don`t you stop picking on me.


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