Patti LaBelle

Letra de la canción

All my life
I've waited
For someone
Like you
With a heart of gold
Yes, hey yes
I, I always knew
I knew
You would come my way, hey

All my life, yes
I've waited [Repeat x 2]
For someone like you

I've waited a lifetime,
For someone just like you,
Somebody who will take my hand,
Someone who's warm and true,
Romancing by candlelight,
A touch from you thrills my heart,
Say if you love me and you feel right,
Nothing can keep us apart,

All my life I've waited for someone like you,
With a heart of gold,
I always knew you would come my way,
All my life I've waited for some like you,

From now 'til the end of the time,
That's how long I'll be loving you,
Together we will live in paradise,
A paradise made for two,
All my prayers have been answered,
Yes indeed
And my dreams are reality,
I feel complete whenever you're next to me,
So I'm gonna hold on,
I'll never let go, no, no,


Everyday we'll make sunshine,
Every night like a first time,
Anything that's on your sweet mind,
I'll make it happen for you and only you,
For you I'll do anything
Just keep it real
And I'll do the same
'Cause I love you
Ain't no shame I my game,
All my life I waited for you.

Waited for someone like you [Repeat]
I've been waiting someone
Someone [Repeat]
Said I been waitin' [Repeat]
I been waiting
Said I, oh
Said that I can't do it without ya
I can'd do it without ya

Baby, I love you
Said I need you
I love you
I love you
I need you

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Patti LaBelle
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