Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby... del álbum 'R. Kelly'

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby...

R. Kelly

La canción 'Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby...' se estrenó en 1995. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco R. Kelly

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Anything you want baby
Anything your heart desires
Because you've been there for me
(Truly there for me)
I'm gonna give it to you

1 - Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby

Anything you want, I'm gonna give it to you girl
Because when I was down you always lifted up my head
Gonna show you all the love I have in store for you
I gotta let you know that I am truly down with you, oh

(x2) 1

Like no other homie, you are always there for me
The only girl I know that truly satisfies my needs
When I was down and out you were hangin' by my side
And now that I am holdin' you, you'll always be in my life, oh

(x2) 1

Taking me to church on Sunday morning, girl is cool
Because I found a blessing and some happiness in you
Whenever there is darkness, G you brighten up my day
I thank the Lord for you because you understand my ways, oh

(x2) 1

When I look at you I see the breaking of the day
I'm mighty glad to know that Heaven sent your love my way
It's something about the way you do your lovin' when you do
And now until forever, baby, I'll be lovin' you, oh

(x2) 1

You were always there for me - you know what I'm saying?
So today I'm taking you out - buy you something real nice
I'm gonna be here for you until the day becomes the night

(x2) 1

From the bottom of my heart, yes promise me we'll never part
Let's say a prayer together, say a prayer together baby
Can we say a prayer together baby
Heavenly Father which art in heaven
I pray that you keep this love together
This is my prayer, baby, baby, baby, I love you

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