Nelly featuring Whitney Houston

Letra de la canción

Nelly: introducing, the world famous miss. whitney houston!
Everybody in the house put your hands up,
ya wanna ride ya on mesadies put your hands up,
if you like the simple things put your hands up,
i aint got no tri tribulation,
if ya wanna go on a vacation,
Whitney: take off ma shoes and relax ma feet,
hit da kitchen grab a bite to eat,
its been 1 of those crazy weeks,
and we gotta to somethin special tonight,
ya wanna grip and a sippin an a ready,
we gotta take time off,
nelly: na na na!
Whitney: i'm a real lady talkin 'bout!
Both: ooh ooh baby baby its obvious to see,
excatly what i see,
Nelly: if your a pretty lady put your hands up,
everybody in the house put your hands up,
ya wanna ride ya own mesadies put ya hands up,
i aint run no tri tribulation,
but i gotta gone on a vacation!
I'm out baby girl,
tell lil bobby, christina i said what up right?

fuente: musica.com

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