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Super Mc`s en inglés

Cartel de Santa


Super Mc`s (en inglés)

I am the real Messiah who will lead you to glory
Future Bible tells my stories
Stunning victories are on my record
I'm like David knocking off Goliath
you are very far from my level of combat
advanced mental torture charge in all my attacks
face is too risky to try
Lead Pump'm like a minefield
micros have been detonated at the strength of my strategy
just making you shake empires with my presence
aggressive and always ready for war
felled power lines with my saw
Drain me like a fat flouuu in sudouuur
in a bath of vapouuur nothing mejouuur
I am continuing my word is the thorn that hurts
I'm the cream at the Royal Academy of rhyme

My mind looks surprised your head dominates
highlights in my presence always crowds
like the sun shining this planet
so I find myself increasing my skill
forming eddies, earthquakes in your conscience
I am the meanest mother nature
we are, we are something more than the other
do not try that with me you can not stand
I'm more powerful than a nuclear bomb
whether it is in rhyme POSILGHA find me
alliance that no one can beat Titans
At the Academy of rhyme is where you descend ARAN
simply because of the presence on stage
MC'S failed with her rosary for mercy

ASI SON enforcement are all my speeches
that are embodied in the history books
leaving everyone in paranoia
lyrical blows harder than Oscar de la olla
writing epics in encyclopedias
dropping my lines like rays of lightning
MC's worrying for them to mature
to see if the deal could KAMUZ execute this Ribal
is like going home to Jurassic Park
four elements tattooed on my belly
TATO jump mountain walls
I'm more awesome than Spiderman mismismo
pose to pose verse by verse
enjoy the words that I release these perverse lips
PALPYTAN erotic lust creating texts
perfect body orgasms happy
in the game of seduction to me you're slow
TYRAR good rhymes is my only fault
I am the master of your training
are my entertainment
Every time I wreck a MC'S I have a huge erection
and in your face when you have a choice
I find no competition
and if you want a rematch would be your downfall again
I am the father who will give the mass when you have your first communion, love

Everest colossal giant like the way I am
tell me how the f*** I'm fuc*** 'eye
fundamental part in the great Academy (Royal Academy)
lyrical grace cause I MC `S OTHER KE BLASPHEMOUS
entrasinas to knowledgeable people
darius has what many rappers ignore
FLOW PARTYENDO wonderful artifacts in two
not know that was what the big sky fell
I can give you ten laps to the world in eighty days unless
if in the Sahara desert if we have cold with lyrics
freezing your junk in the oasis of my rhymes
where my mirage is the one that always brought you down
to continue even I can not understand
this puzzle may never solve
the end of the maze was I who found him
only with the fingers snapping away I can make

You were a tale of Arabian Nights
You were a tale of Arabian Nights
You were a tale of Arabian Nights
You were a tale of Arabian Nights

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