Stayin Alive - Magnum

Stayin Alive


Letra, canción


'Stayin Alive'

Choose your own path that you walk with great care
Your direction will be yours alone to bear
But though it may be long and many times go wrong
You're on your own this journey none can share
And there is no other way of stayin' alive
Just killing time nowhere to hide
Stayin' alive you can decide
It's always harder where two roads divide
And before us lies a choice that's not too clear
Many voices offer words upon your ear
Running through your head are some best left unsaid
Don't listen just to things you'd like to hear
Heading slowly through still waters dream away
But it's always growing shorter come the day
Throw your dreams away
None of us on this earth will be here
On our children will the sentence be severe
Still we carry on doing what we've done
An explanation I just can't see clear