EZ Come EZ Go del álbum 'Mechanical Resonance'

EZ Come EZ Go


La canción 'EZ Come EZ Go' se estrenó en 1986. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Mechanical Resonance

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You had it right in the palm of your hand, right before your eyes
Now it's gone and you don't understand, you've got to realize

There comes a time when you've got to let things go as fast as they come
Wait and see what tomorrow may bring you, get it all while you can

Sometimes it just feels so right, and other times so wrong
Every new day it brings on the night, the change goes on and on and on and on

It never stops, no it keeps on rollin', wiped away like an [arch of] sand
Here it comes, there it goes, always changin' ends

Ez come ez go, ez come ez go, that's what they call it
Ez come ez go, ez come ez go, oh no!


Ez come ez go, ez come ez go, oh, you know that's what they call it
Ez come ez go, ez come ez go, oh whoa!

Talk of let go when it took so long to get, it's [how the lovin' goes]

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