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It´s a bit like a trip, but you hit it with a slip of a tongue, like a whip, and we´re sinking, it ain´t
cool to be cool, though you may think it a laudable tool of self evaluation, of ego cultivation, n´ I´m
rolling my eyes like the stones for the lies, is it really all about the size or just a simple vice...

Oh, and it makes the news
Oh, cos it sings the blues

I feel the fire flare alight inside me
Higher so I can see
N´ aspire to survive this fight in spite of
Liars and travesty
Oh fire

Did you think that I´d blink, that I´d go and take the ink to your control, that I´d sell my soul, and
does it ring any bells that it sells that we´re living out of shells in a shotgun, if we couldn´t shoot,
we´d have to run, and finally the cerebral fantasy, better genes and machines, so we can die looking like
we´re teens, like snapshot scenes in smithereens...

Oh, and the ones we choose
Oh, witch hunting fools

I feel the fire...

Look there it is in the news again, yeah
There it goes singing the blues again

Fire flare alight inside me...

Fire, return my joy cos I´m so
Tired, tired of me
Inspire the weary eyed to see the
Ire and Irony
Oh fire

Letra añadida por: sky_vm (#64)

Poets Of The Fall
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