Billy Ocean

Red Light Letra

Billy Ocean


Red Light (Letra/Lyrics)

Red light spells danger
Can't hold out much longer
'cos red light means warning
can't hold out i'm burning
You took my heart anci turned me o
and now the danger sign is on
Never thought the day would come
when i would feel alone without yo@
an' now i'm like a child again
calling out his mama's name
You got me on a ball and chain
doin' things that i don't wanta.
I can't stop running to you
feel love coming through you
with you beside me
hold on heaven guide me.
Red light spells danger
. . .
red light spells danger
. . .
I had my funk
i played around
without a love to tie me down
I always used to kiss and run
i never wanted love to catch me.
i thought i had a heart of stone
but now i'm in the danger zone
I can feel the heat is on
soon the flames are gonna get me.
I can't stop running to you
. . .
Red light spells danger

Datos de Red Light

RED LIGHT es una canción de Billy Ocean.