Travis Tritt

Letra de la canción

You left me for a dream you had to follow
But I thought goodbye wouldn't last that long
You'd go off chasin' rainbows till you realized I loved you
And then run back to my arms where you belong
But months have passed, I guess I was mistakem
And love was something I thought I knew well
But when you called me on the phone, asking when you'd come back home
You simply told me I could go to Hell

(Well/And) Honey, if Hell had a jukebox
And the Devil kept it full of hurtin' songs
You could find me there this evening
With the broken hearted grieving
Prayin like hell you would come back home

I've looked at all the pictures from our good times
And tried to figure out where we went wrong
And I've dropped a million quarters down the jukebox
'Cause I'm still haunted by what used to be our song
I wish this mental torture would release me
Lord, I've give all I had for what it's worth
I don't see how the fires below, where you wanted me to go
Could be worse than Hell I'm living here on Earth

Repeat Chorus

Yes, you could find me there this evening
With the brokenhearted grieving
Prayin' like hell you would come back home
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#154)

Travis Tritt
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