Three-Six Mafia

(DJ Paul)
yeah nigga
the mother fuc*** two time two time motherfuc*** champions in this bitch
I got another motherfuc*** gold plaque on the wall now nigga
now tell me what you think about that look me in my eyes
and tell me nigga bitch bitch bitch bitch hoe hoe hoe nigga

(Juicy J)
(background mixed through various parts of whole song)
drop em in the trunk lock em in trunk real fast you'll be flying

(Crunchy Black)
we bout to ride on these fools cock these nines on these fools (x2)

(DJ Paul)
like this
now in my city its so real in my city its so fake
got some niggas that's gone play got some niggas that gone hate
got some niggas that's gone dis the treal niggas on the tape
but them the ones who want the streets so they start to evaporate
that's why them niggas ain't around no more
cause them niggas could sell no more
without the Hypnotize or the Prophet nigga you is no more
got plaques up on my walls
got twenties on my cars
keep coming like you coming and I'm gonna show you
I ain't fuc*** up bout no charge nigga

(Juicy J)
can you niggas feel my pain
catch me standing in the rain
holding on a rusty 2
bout to act a fuc*** fool
is the 6 the devil though
make you wanna powder your nose
have you smoking hydro weed
satisfaction guaranteed
bucking wild and throwing signs
knowing these niggas done loss they minds
blame it on Coriddy and Ooh
when we cock them thangs and shoot
thinking somebody had seen my face
now I'm gonna catch a murder case
just gonna beat him round for round and leave him in the river

([DJ Paul] Crunchy Black)
[They try to]
we bout to ride on these fools cock these nines on these fools (x4)

(DJ Paul)
hahaha y'all niggas still don't understand
nigga look around motherfuc*** look the f*** around you
and see who you see nigga all you see is me
Hypnotized C-A-M-motherfuckin-P bitch
come on come on keep it coming keep it coming keep it coming

(Project Pat)
so you wanna try a
nigga with the nine-a
creep up from behind ya
like the macarena
shoot ya in your spine-a
strap ya like a minor
patch out your hizead
slug bloody rized
staying on the low low
hating that's a no no
duck taping trick up
in the trunk you go go
you gonna sh
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Three-Six Mafia

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