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Complimentary, is an homage I will pay
Mediocracy, is the mantra of our time
Nihilism, instability within
We won't be pacified
We brake to olive branch sick cow
Instability, sardonic to the end
Delusionary expectancy
Of things you can't amend
Don't call me a patriarch
Don't honor my contempt
Intolerant intoxicant
1 potato, 1 potato, 3 potato 4
Dehumanize, then immunize
Please visualize the door
5 potato, 6 potato, 7 potato more
Absorbent deodorant
Stick that between your legs, honey!
Constant vigilance precludes your surprise
Roll out the barrel, it's time to americanize
Rational thinking aludes you all the way
Constipation, is a problem within
So villanious we can't discuss
The quagmire we are in
Don't call me irrelevant
Don't supersize the lies
Mathematically schematically
Puzzlehead go to bed

fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Musica.com (#16)

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