The Soviettes

Letra de la canción

Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one stop!
Bokkie saw me sitting by the BAOBAB
He said \"Zero! Are you ready to go?\"
I put my worries in my pocket and I said so!
Come on Bokkie! Lets go spronking
Come on Bokkie! Lets get rocking now
I said to him \"you're not big five\"
He said to me \"I try to stay alive\"
I said to him \"how does it feel?\"
He said \"you know what?\"
Big five's not real!
I said to him \"you're on for dinner!\"
He said to me \"I'll take the ?\"
I said to him \"how do you mean?\"
He said \"you know, that's a very important place-the bottom of the food chain!\"

Letra añadida por: (#16)

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