Clit 45

Letra de la canción

Bullshit, bullshit, waste of time

Go to school 12 years straight just to get a job I hate ...What a fuc*** waste of time!
The more I work every day the more that the taxes take away
Land of the free for me and you then we're kicked in the balls and told what to do
Put up with shit all fuc*** month just to end up in the same old rut

What am I supposed to do follow blindly without a clue? ...What a fuc*** waste of time!
How do they expect us to be when we're treated like shit in society?
The only way to get ahead is with misguided obedience
But their promises of happiness they make me sick

I can see the signs that I'm losing my mind
Your fuc*** up kind make me want to go blind
If you read between the lines, you will see, you will find
The system's a sham it's a lie and I ain't gonna live my life
following their fuc*** up ways like a bitch
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#154)

Clit 45
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