Canción 'Renee' del disco 'Legal Drug Money' interpretada por Lost Boyz

Renee Letra y Canción

Lost Boyz

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RENEE es una canción de Lost Boyz del año 1996, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Legal Drug Money.



Here's a tune about this hunni named renee that i met one day, on my way back from john j., im peepin shorty as shes walkin to her train i tap her on the shoulder, excuse me miss but can i get your name? she says my name is renee i said i got a whole lot to say, so may i walk you to your subway, she said if you want to yo we started talkin, i grabbed two franks and two drinks and we began walkin
i had to see where the head was at cuz this girl was mad phat so we must chat about this and that, she told me what she goes to school for, she wants to be a lawyer, in other words shorty studies law, im tellin shorty im a writer, and as shes reachin for the token, she drops a package of the easy widers, covers her mouth with her name ring, i said dont sweat your technique shorty rocks i do the same thing, but yet i use phillie blunts, she said i neva dealt with phillie blunts because i heard thats for silly stunts, i said nah they burn slower, right now i dont know ya but maybe later on i can get to show ya
a ghetto love is the law that we live by
day by day i wonder why my shorty had to die
i reminicse upon my ghetto princess everyday give it up for my shorty (shorty)
So now were sittin on the train, besides her fingernail now shorty got her hand to ???
now understand she got flava, a tough leather jacket and some jeans and a chain that her mom gave her, got off the train about 6:34 wasnt sure she had grub for the dog so we hit the store, went to the crib and turned the lights on, a mad magazine stand a ??? to write on, a leather couch stereo system with crazy cd's understand kid she got g's, she said cheeks do what you want, she said im gonna feed the dog, i said aight well ima roll this blunt, came back w/ stretch pants and the pony tail a t-shirt ayo man i gotta tend the roni girl, were sittin on the couch chattin, were smokin blunts off the balcony were starin at manhatten now, she started feelin on my chest, i started feelin on the breast, and theres no need for me to stress the rest, ayo i found myself a winner, we sparked a blunt before we ate and a blunt after we ate dinner, she had a tatoo she only wanted jo to see, but first dim the lights and turn up the jodeci, im like whatever shorty rock we can swing it like that, cuz on the real this is where its at
I woke up the next day on the water bed a letters on the pillow and this is what the letter said, it said cheeks ill be home around 2 you was deep in your sleep so i didnt want to bother you, i left my number for shorty to call me later got dressed smoked a blunt and then i bounced towards the elevator, i get a beep around 3, im askin shorty whats up with you, shes askin whats up with me, and now we been together for weeks, its candle light dinner with my shorty crack a 40 with my naughty freaks, ayo i never been in love but every time im burstin in and out of state its my shorty that im thinkin of, im hangin out with my crew, i get a beep from renee, because renee uses code too, but yet im chattin with her mom dukes, she says renee's been shot so cheeks meet me up at st. lukes, i jump on the van wyck, i gotta make it there quick, ayo this shit is gettin mad thick, not even thinkin of the po nine im doin a buck who gives a f*** im smokin boom and the whole nine, i gotta see whats goin on, and by the time i reach the hospital they tell me mr. cheeks renee is gone, i pour beer out for my shorty who aint here, im from the ghetto, so listen this is how i shed my tears