The Partisans

Is there something wrong with the way I dress
Or have you big friends you wanna impress
Different person when you're pissed
Try not to fight but can't resist
Can't hurt me I don't bother you
Tired off your hands, nothing better to do
??? lying on my face,
Fight fight fight your so hard
Dr martin boot your ace card
Kick kick kick looks so good
Who's that lying in a pool of blood
It's mindless violence all you need
'cause when it comes to make me bleed
Really see what's wrong with you,
What your doing is nothing new
What makes you think you're so great,
When it comes to deciding peoples fate
When in a gang is always right
Has gotta fight and have some fun
People like him have got brains of shit
People like him shouldn't exist ???
Can't get up because I am a stretcher case

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The Partisans

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