MC Frontalot

Letra de la canción

Oh no! the beat's so busted up
like my lip, drinkin pedro out the rusted cup
shredded it, embedded a sample that didn't fit
tell me i'll regret it? yo, i already did.
sitting on the edge of a cliff, differentiating
hating from loving something from nothing
i'm puffing on the ashes of long-lost friend i couldn't fend for,
nor foresee the end for, wouldn't bend for
i'ma lend more attention to her after the fact
when i'm really wishin' that i could rewind that back
Don't you ever wish you could rewind that back and take it over
change up the hot for the cold or...
don't you ever wish you could rewind that back and take it over
trade a yes yes! for the no, sir
Switch up my style ahead of time?
what am i, your psychic pal dionne? severing everything,
telling 'em not to sing the song romanticizing regrets
when every epitaph's made up of epithets
safe bet: someday you're gonna wish you done otherwise
irritated some other guys, sank down in some other thighs
sung somehow some more soothing lullabies, and i see
tears are on the verge of overflow & so i flee
cause mc front ain't never looked back
everything i ever done was right on track
fact of the matter, i will never be regrettin' something
(hope you don't think i'm frontin')


MC Frontalot
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