Five Iron Frenzy

Letra de la canción

Well lately I've been thinkin'
About some good home cookin',
Just like that I haven't eaten'
In the longest time.
Now I like potato chips,
Now please don't get me wrong.
But I haven't tasted mama's rhubarb pie in so very long.
Rhubarb pie, in the summer.
Rhubarb pie, made by my mother.
Nothing better in the winter,
Than rhubarb pie after dinner.
Twinkes may be better,
Than a hole in the sweater,
And a hole in the sweater,
Beats a poke in the eye.
If I had my choice,
I'd leave this gas station store.
And then I'd travel back in time,
And I'd sit down and have some more.

Looking at the picture,
In the Sunday paper,
Of the politician, he's talkn' to the press.
He looks like he's been eating lemons all his life.
Well I think mama's rhubarb pie
Could save solve more problems overnight.
fuente: musica.com

Five Iron Frenzy
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