Sacred Steel

Letra de la canción

Seize the Throne
The Wicked One is King
Grind their bones
Let bells of Freedom ring

Wield your black Swords
Castle now besieged
Attack the Dark Lord
Dethrone The Tyrant King

Turn his Reign to ash
Cremate the Dragon home
Deliver Pain and Death
To reap what you have sown

Fire reigns and Death remains
The End will now begin
Slaughter grows and Blood now flows
Dethrone The Tyrant King

Ram their Gates
Crush their weak Defense
Break on through
Kill with Sword and Lance

Destroy with Anger
Servants of the King
For Slaughter's Glory
This day of Bloodshed brings

Slay the Guards
Fight your bloody way
Into the Throne room
Where the Tyrant reigns

A wicked laughter
Echoes through the Hall
He escaped - No
War is yet to come

Dethrone The Tyrant King
Dethrone The Tyrant King
Dethrone The Tyrant King

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Sacred Steel
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