Rise And Fall (anno Satana) Letra y Canción

Ancient Rites

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RISE AND FALL (ANNO SATANA) es una canción de Ancient Rites.


'Rise And Fall (anno Satana)'

Noble caesar, forgive me
but i was the knife ending thy ambition
yet i held thy standard proudly
as thy legions burned the world
Oh gorgeous minoan empire
blessed were thy art and culture
earthquakes undermined thy glory
then i led hostile forces into thy land
i am the desires most profane
the pestilence cursing thousands
i am the burned village
decimating diseases without a name
Anno satana!
anno satana!
Rise, rise, rise and fall!
rise, rise, rise and fall!
Dear robbespierre, hail to thy revolution
which turned into an endless execution
(so sweet thy blood must have tasted
in the hour of thy own execution)
Rise, rise, rise and fall!
rise, rise, rise and fall!
Anno satana!
anno satana!
Clever, mad rasputin
no intrigue too grand
a pleasure it was watching you rise
but the delight so overwhelming
as i witnessed your fall
Throughout history my misanthropy
always has been grander than thine

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