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Who will save the river valley? That's my drinking water
This was once a sacred place now, look at what we've got here
I'll pretend there isn't any problem, just do my job
And if I don't like the standard of living, go move to Russia...

Me and Pete went swimming last night, he's my friend from boy scouts
All the fish were floating upright, we got scared, and we got out

Mother says don't play down where your father does his job
And though he's got to make living, or move to Russia...

This is my world, this is my world, don't let it go away
Is it a crime, spending my time, dreaming of yesterday

Meet me in the river valley, you can tell me stories
'Bout a time before pinstripe suits, dippers, grits, and stories

My mother sang the songs her mother taught her
And we'd be swimming off in cool, cool water
And when she'd call us from the yard
Running home it felt like god...

This is my world, don't take it away...
Is your favorite place controlled by developing ambitions?
Do you think you'll have some power signing a petition?
Are you fine with your surroundings? Are they gonna crumble?
I'm living in the river valley, come and join me for a tumble!

High up above, see the cars up on the viaduct
From sunrise to the last call they push their luck
And that would be fine
If the world was yours, and you were mine

Who will save the river valley? (this is my world)
Who will save the river valley? (this is my world)
Who will save the river valley? (this is my world)

Who will save the river valley?
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Moxy Fruvous
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