I'm onto you
before the night is through
I'm going to steal this diamond
hot rock to you

I'm not the one you wanted
not the thing you keep
how am I to know what you want me to feel?
counterfeit or real?

It's a caper theme. there's a getaway car
A diamond to steal, a plan that might go wrong
If this is a set up. please let me know
I can't risk my life for a guilded stone
(I thought all along this was everything
Try not to look to hard to find that it's not real
I knew all along you weren't everything
Then in the darkest hour I watched you disappear)

It's a crafty scene, full of power and greed
You tell me not to steal, yet you still want a thief
You write out the plans. I carry out the act
But then I lose it all if I can't bring it back
(How was I to know this rock was so fragile
It cracked in my hands while I was holding on
An uncut stone is flawed and beautiful
Don't try to size me down to fit your tiny hands)

I'm not the girl you wanted
not the thing you keep

It's not real
You don't need to tell me
that it's not real

I'm onto you
before the night is through
I'm going to steal my heart back
and find a love that's true
hot rock to you.


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