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Lately, I've been thinking about a girl named
Molly, she's the coolest in the world
And she's the kind of girl that's makes you insecure
But when she wakes up in the morning she's always thinking about me

Who are you? And where did you come from and
What to do Now, That I live a billion miles from you!

Usually my life is pretty boring
Watch TV, It's a never ending story
Till one day, I saw a shooting star
and to top it all of she can even drive a car

but what we need now is time to think
about the times we spent on the beach

I never thought it'd last this long
Now I think it's time that we move on
She's outta control....
OUt oF ConTRol

3000 miles away, I think about her every single day
and we can always take a trip to vegas
get hitched by an overweight fake Elvis

And I'll never understand exactly where you're coming from
but I know exactly where and who I am
You'll always be my friend