Life in Rain del álbum 'Villa Elaine'

Life in Rain

Remy Zero

La canción 'Life in Rain' se estrenó el . Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Villa Elaine


Life in Rain en español

I once had marigolds for eyes.
I'd seem to fade on sunny days.
When it's cold as the rain outside,
well then, so am I.


So when it comes down,
you'll know I'm with you.
And how could I show you?
It feels good to know.
It feels good to know you.

We once had oceans left to fly,
now the trees and the river
have parted ways.
When it seems like the phone has died,
well then, so have I.

Repeat chorus.

And how will you know?
We storm from a small, thin line.
We're torn from the old frames.
There's no one here to pull you back again..

So when it comes down, you'll know.
Mmmmm, you'll know.

Helena spilt to the ground.
(how do I show you?)
Should've known
soon she would come down.
Words were the first thing to go,
(it feels good to know)
the light they would never show,

(and how will you move?)
(and how did I show you?)
(I couldn't show you)

It feels good to know.
It feels good to know you.
It feels good to know you.

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