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Away With You

Slick Shoes


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How do you think I felt,
That I made up for all your mistakes?
You never think of consequences,
Carelessly destructive, you fall down.
I can see you sitting there.
Wish that you could see yourself.
I wish I knew what was going on inside,
Iæ?? just be sickened more.
Why donæ?° you open your eyes?
Youæ?®e not all you think you are.
Your selfishness is getting on my nerves.
Why donæ?° you go away.
Forgetting all that youæ?³e been taught,
Is this the way you treat your friends?
Iæ?³e dealt with you for long enough.
When will it end?
I hope that this is just a phase.
Iæ?£l be there for you in the end.
Iæ?£l be there when you finally come around?br\u003e but for nowå??nd donæ?° come back.
Have you ever know what you were looking for?

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