Jennifer Knapp

Letra de la canción

Just when I think I've got it it's gone. when I think I know the answer and
I dare to raise my hand it's wrong. Stop. stop. stop this foolish pride of
mine. that dares to drag me far away from you. when I try to do it my way
I always lose. I always lose your point of view. I don't have to be
condemned. Jesus saved me from the laws of sin. If I fall I'll try again. with
the spirit as my guide I'll never have to hide again. I try to close my eyes
like a child playing in a game of hide and seek. If I can not see the Lord
than surely the Lord can not see me. As if I could ever keep him from
spying me. All the plans of this man they're nothing more than evil
schemes. (chorus).


Jennifer Knapp
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