Mary J. Blige

I found my everything - Letra

Mary J. Blige

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'I found my everything' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco The Breakthrough.


Everything... (Oooh....) And you.
I found my everything! (Oooh...)
And i trust in you. I found my...

Cant you see? Look at my face is Glowin!
And its all.. because of you..
(Everything)Everything about cha..
You see i need And i thank God for sending you through...
(I found my everything) You see i found...
My everything! (And you) And you....

(are my everything)See ive found everything
(And i have trust in you) Adn i trust in you..
(I found my everything) Oooh the way you kiss me
!Its like a real man!
I leave the Prom when i look in your eyes.
And every night is like a highlight
and theres no better keeper than you!! Ohhh no no no!!
Your the one who understands me Needs to hold me

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