Britney Spears

Letra de la canción

Hold on to you seatbelts....
Oops I...Oops I...Oops I(C´mon)
Oops i did it again...Did it again
I think i,I think i,I think i
I think i did it again
made you belive
were more than just friends
Oh Baby
It might seem like a crush
but it dosent meen that im serious
Cuz to loose all my senses
That is just so tipically me
Oh baby,Baby
Oops i did it again
i played with your heart
got lost in the game
Oh Baby,Baby
Oops you think im in love
that im sent from abooooove
Im not that,not that,not that

Letra añadida por: Sa_Nena_Chula

Britney Spears

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