Somehow Hollow

Letra de la canción

I wish you knew how much i longed for you,
i wish on every shooting star that
i could have you in my arms someday,
but i need to know, i need to see if you ever will love me.
i want to see your eyes right now, they remind me of the sea,
and every single wave that comes crashing down on me,
could make this sadness go away. another night is gone,
and maybe i was wrong to say i miss you.
but if i don't say anything at all,
would we still stare at the stars?
they make my night sometimes,
and we could just talk about it,
i would send us straight to that shooting star,
the one i wished upon that night.
someday i will be the one, who makes this last forever,
i would send us straight to the moon, forever and ever.

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#154)

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