Letra de la canción

Come on boy, I want to dance now
Line by line we talk all night, yeah

Hold me down, I think I'm flying
Everybody's eyes are shining
Runaway to where the world is fine

Hold on boy, you're falling fast now
Line by line you go no where, yeah

Drag me down I feel I'm sinking
Can't relate to what you're thinking
Runaway to where the sun don't shine

Hello, hello, are you still there?
You don't answer me 'cause you just don't care
Act so young but you look so old
And you're too far gone to find your own way home

Life's so hard for you to handle
You can't live without your devil
Boy, you think that you're so special
Well, life is hard for everyone, believe me

Hello, hello, do you still care?
You don't answer me 'cause there's no one there
Run away from your own sweet soul
And you're too far gone to find your own way home

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