Disco 'Guau!' (2004) al que pertenece la canción 'Jijiji'

en inglés



In that film veiled in white night
tenacious son of your enemy
very distinguished dinner executioner
an evening glass shatters

He did not dream
he straightened up and gave your luck
and it offered better than ever
Do not look please! and no light garments

The image you disfigured
This film gives an exquisite image
Guys are like tiny bombs
The best way to the cave of the parakeet

types who do not sleep at night
I did not dream
You were running adrift
I did not dream

blind eyes open
Final assembly is very curious
It is really really fun
you go in the dark unsuspecting crowd

bullying those who have loved you
Olga Sudorova
Vodka Chernobyl
Poor Olga!It creped!

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