Do you recall those days of Sahara?
Shade was our ecstasy.
Pride was strong, friends true
As the day was long,
Night winds blew cool and free.

Our finest hours lived in the Sahara
Many centuries ago.
Was it just last year?
Now there's no more good whiskey here.
Not a trace of hidey-ho.

I was never alone at the Sahara.
How they'd gather to hear me speak,
They said my eyes held fire,
But a gold empire burned to the ground,
The world unwound, and left me here a freak.

Bring back those days
Of that blessed Sahara.
Oh, the sin, the sabotage.
We had no fears,
The band played for a thousand years,
Or was it just a mirage?

Or was it just a mirage?

Moxy Fruvous

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