Canción 'Mothers Of The Desert' del disco 'Two Horizons' interpretada por Moya Brennan

Mothers Of The Desert Letra y Canción

Moya Brennan

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MOTHERS OF THE DESERT es una canción de Moya Brennan del año 2003, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Two Horizons.


'Mothers Of The Desert'

Where will we run
sacrifice our time?
Secrets songs
are somewhere in the desert.

Don't let me stray,
a light will shine
bringing liberty.

Scattered clans,
scattered lands,
waiting... for me.

Reaching frontiers,
warriors of the past.
Hear the voice,
the mothers of the desert.

Daring to dreams,
a prayer, a hope,
peaceful harmony.

Turning lies,
turning tidies,
turning... for me.

Is it now
that I'm dreaming...
of a distant
kind of day?