Pato Banton


by P. Murray
Handsworth riot!
Now people all over stand to attention
and listen to the vibes from Pato Banton
'ca' Handsworth riot have to get a mention.

What was the riot for? Please give me an answer!
What's the riot for? Please give me an answer!

Now me know the situation in the handsworth area
everyday men get beat up by police officer.
Could be sitting in your yard with your daughter
they will kick off your door and say: Come on niger!
They ??? across and arrest nuff brethren
and stop we from use Oakland sport center.
Down ??? road station nuff man get captured
some can't take the pressure and turn informer.
Certain names I could mention but I won't bother
cause I've got to carry on in this lecture.
When Mr. Douglas Hurd ask them: What's the matter?
Some ??? with the right answer
instead them a UH UH UH like gorilla
and a fling rock stone like warmonger.
In front of worldwide television camera
some loot some shoot and commit murder.

It was the first night when 2 men get murder
they was 2 descent ??? abiding ???
??? in a post office it's where they settle
when a gang of brother youths kick off the door and enter.
Now the only witness was one next door neighbor
and this is what he said in front of TV cameras:
I was sitting in my house eating my dinner.
Then I heard Mr. Singh shouting out for Allah.
Then he says: Don't ??? we are all ??? brother.
And a ??? said: Shut up and pass the money over.
When I hear this I run to call the cop a
but by the time I got by the place was on fire.
What was the riot for? Please give me an answer!
What was the riot for? Please give me an answer!

On Tuesday the 10th of September
Handsworth riot take the front page of every paper.
I red the story and have to cry with laughter
to some reporter enter the Handsworth area.
Looking an inside story to give the editor
when they thought: We are in low! They was in danger!
Certain bad boys don't like it when you take picture
so they grab the news reporter by the collar
pin them up against some wall and do them over
take ??? camera
take away them one little watch and lighter
and tell them: Don't come back in our area!
Nuff police man and fire man get injured!
Nuff few pon the front line get captured!
Nuff Indian man shop get set on fire!
And nearly every car get turn over!
Some people a walk home with tape recorder
some have TV some have video some have amplifier.
From the day that me born me ???
policer make deal with law breaker:
If you stop the riot then we'll get out the area!
I know this is the true and not a rumor
cause I know that the policer ???
anywhere just before me leave the mike center.

Handsworth riot!
Can't keep ???!

Pato Banton

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