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Soñé (en inglés)

(I Dreamt)

I request at the time that moment,
In that my world stopped
Among your lips.

Alone to revive,
To melt once but,
Looking at your black eyes.

I want to be air
And you breathe me forever
Because I don't have anything to lose.

The whole time is thinking of you,
In the shine of the sun and in a corner of the sky.

The whole time is thinking of you, in the echo of the sea that resounds in your eyes,
I dreamt, if I dreamt you.

Datos de Soñé

SOÑÉ es una canción de Zoé que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Rocanlover. Agradecemos a carlos_t por haber sudido la letra de Soñé en inglés.