Section 5 (bus To Bondi) - Midnight Oil

Section 5 (bus To Bondi)

Midnight Oil

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'Section 5 (bus To Bondi)'

Push start that car tomorrow
i'll take it to the tip yard
well i'll leave it as a metal wreck
for cats to sleep
Then i'll catch the bus to bondi
swim the beach and wonder
who can wear the fashion when
the place is oh so hot
I'm just part of this play
i'm making an inroad on the one and only
i'm just part of this play
i've finally decided i'm here to stay
Then i'll stop the small talk
then i'll stop the games
i'll show them that the plans
i've made aren't wrong, what's wrong?
then i'll shop at new world
fill it up with real toys
initiate a face-lift for the captains to corrupt

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Midnight Oil

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Section 5 (bus To Bondi)



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