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Eleven O'Clock
Too late for cartoons
I'm going back to bed
There's nothing to do
I've got my dreams on my mind
They seem so real
I'm gonna try and bring 'em back
Cuz they were sik as hell
I was the first in line
I had all kinds of time
All the drags of the world
Were far far behind
I had a peaceful tone
With everyone I know
Didn't have to take a number
Just to get a coffee

Here I go
I'm falling back to sleep

Yesterday morning
I slept until noon
Cuz when I woke up at eight
I wasn't done what I was doin'
I had a dream going on
It seemed so real
So I fell back to sleep
To have another feel

She wore a silky dress
She wore her hair a mess
When the time was right
She didn't make me guess
She had the Maxwell on
It was her favorite song
Not about to get up
To see this moment gone

Here I go
I'm falling back to sleep
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#154)

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