Mireille Mathieu

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Mama Webster

Mama Webster,
With her basket and a shawl around the shoulders,
Goes to market
In the hope of buying what her ducklings wanted.
She walks a wobbling from side to side,
Just like a duck does upon the tide.
Mama Webster
In a tissey looks for money loosing feathers.
She finds nothing,
What will she say to her hungry little ducklings?
Because she know's that, when she gets home,
They gather round her, and want to know:
"What did you bring us,
Mammy quack quack?
What did you bring us,
Quack quack quack quack?"
Mama Webster,
With her basket and the shawl around her shoulders,
Found it shocking.
Prices went so high wherever she went shopping.
Her twenty pennies have all run out,
She'll bring a bargain
And run about.

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Mireille Mathieu
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