'Serial Killer' de VNV Nation (Advance and Follow)

Serial Killer

VNV Nation


In a face, a view, through eyes this world collides
i am voiceless in my angst and nothing can take us back to innocence
short, sharp, bloodlust, reality
in despair i reach for night
in water purity reigns to be resolute
as a land we clean our minds, reap our belongings
sow our angers and our strengths
all too obsessed by weakness
we have brought ourselves to meaninglessness
so easy to control, bring to harm
a gathering of fools unjustified, on a mountain
i collect my thoughts
and i rise above all that despises me
comprehend the ways of man
and under a flag we salute or burn
there is blood on both shores
with hardened mind i traveled
with hardened heart i conquered
a freedom so ironic, so despicable, so hypocritical
There is anger resolute
rears its familiar head on the tv screen
in a dozen bags a life was placed
in a breath he smiled and waved
five minutes at a time the power held true
without consternation our laws are lost
lost to butchers, lost to child killers, lost to narcotic ritual
another tag, another headline
another smiling photograph shall stay ten winters long forever
And where are the angels to guard?
where is the god of men and children?
he is stalking the minds of dark poor souls
and i know it's right 'cause i know it's time for freedom:
to kill another, and to kill another, and to kill another child of the flag till there are none left
and another, and to kill another, and to kill another