Dead Or Alive

Letra de la canción

**i could offer you a thousand things
but with a lot of them you wouldn't bother
i could bay ten real diamond rings
but i'm sure that you would want another

* i could take a plane
and i could fly away
i could steal a car
and i could drive away

you have brought met a lot of things
but the main one that you brought was trouble
you put your finger to the tigger
and you shot my heart
well now, i'm really gonna burts your bubble

*** (but i'm) in too deep
there's no gettin out of it
in too deep
no doubt about it
in too deep
no doubt about it
too deep , too deep
i could call you a lot of things
i could say there'd never be another

every time the situation feels like getting hot
i gotta turn around and say don't bother

** repeat 2 times
*** repeat
**repeat and fade whit a lib

Letra añadida por: doapete

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